Saturday, August 27, 2011

Star Trek Voyager Rewatch Episode 1

Welcome to the first Star Trek Voyager Rewatch Podcast, Episode 1

In this episode you will find:

Voyager embarks on it's first mission to discover the location of a missing Maquis ship, only to be pulled 70,000 light years from home by the mysterious Caretaker.

I love the idea of going back to the basics with Star Trek as a ship of explorers.

Clips of the week go over the biggest decision of the series that will impact it more than any other decision that will be made. Also we listen to Captain Janeway give encouragement to the two crews that they will find a way home.

Finally we finish off with the soon to be popular "Doctor Quote of the Week"

All that and much much more as the Star Trek Voyager Rewatch Podcast reviews the series premiere, The Caretaker.

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